Investment choice

We provide a complete spectrum of investment options to meet the long-term savings needs of every employee. 

We recognise that some scheme members are highly interested in their own investment planning whereas others would prefer investment choices to be made for them. In either case, our investment range aims to make sure every member’s investment portfolio is appropriate for their life stage and risk profile.

Select a default fund for your scheme

We appreciate that the choice of a suitable default fund is an important one, given many employees prefer not to make their own fund choices. We can help you choose, by offering our own chosen default or you can select your own from our Workplace Target range.

Aegon Workplace Default

A flexible option for employers who don't want to choose their own default fund.

Workplace Target range 

A range of 10 default options for employers to choose from, that suit different scheme memberships.

Alternative choices for employees

Ready-made solutions or DIY

A wide range of risk-based growth solutions, at-retirement funds and over 4,500 additional investments for your employees to choose from.

Our funds are governed in line with our Funds Promise. This means we ensure that any fund that could potentially be used as a default adheres to our default fund principles:

  • Sufficient choice to meet the needs of different schemes.
  • Asset mix designed to offer potential for long-term growth above inflation.
  • Diversified with the aim of reducing risk.
  • Value for money.
  • Automated glidepath strategy prepares savings for their chosen outcome.

To find out more about our funds for workplace investors, please contact us or speak to your usual Aegon contact.

The value of investments can go down as well as up. Investors may get back less than they invest.


As part of our commitment to helping employers, we’ve created a time-saving online tool called SmartGovernance.


Manage your pension scheme efficiently with real-time management information about members, investments and contribution trends.


We've put together lots of supporting material to help you set-up, manage and look after your scheme.