Aegon Assist

Free expert guidance

We believe professional financial advice is the most effective way to guide savers and investors to making the best decisions for their circumstances.

However, not everyone is willing or able to pay for professional advice. So, in addition to our tools and communications, we offer our Aegon Assist service to scheme members.

Aegon Assist is a guidance service from our UK-based team of trained specialists. It can guide members through their pension decision-making process and explain the different choices opened up by the pensions freedoms introduced in April 2015. They can also enable members to take advantage of the flexibility and choice available through the products we offer.

This service is free and allows your members to make their own informed decisions, planning for the retirement they want.

However we don’t provide advice, so if they're unsure about anything, we would always recommend taking financial advice

We would also suggest that your members visit Pension Wise(Opens new window) a free, impartial service from the Government for more information or shop around and consider other providers to get the best outcome for their retirement.


As part of our commitment to helping employers, we’ve created a time-saving online tool called SmartGovernance.


Manage your pension scheme efficiently with real-time management information about members, investments and contribution trends.


We've put together lots of supporting material to help you set-up, manage and look after your scheme.