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Helping you engage your employees with pensions saving

One of the biggest expenses for many businesses after staff wages is their workplace pension.  As auto-enrolment contributions rise, the DWP estimates that £133billion will flow into workplace schemes by 2020. (Engaging with Savings, 2018(Opens new window))

What you told us…

55% of firms...

Source: Engaging with Savings, 2018(Opens new window)

How we can help you…

  • Help members unlock the value of their pension through effective scheme announcement and ongoing engagement.
  • Influence member behavioural change through simple language and simple online processes.
  • Introduce pensions to members through a digital welcome journey, timely communications and access to relevant content.
  • Support and educate members as they approach retirement.
  • Dedicated employer and member e-newsletters with relevant articles, insight and timely information designed to educate and inspire. 
  • By making it easier for scheme members to understand their options and take action, we’ve improved customer engagement, with 63% of members activating their online account. 

Turn your workplace pension into an asset, not a cost

We’re taking key learns from the research into pension engagement carried out in March 2018 to help employers use their workplace pension to attract, retain and develop their people.