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Scheme health

We're here to support you and your employees through these uncertain times. To help you maintain your scheme's health in this new environment, here's a range of material to help you support your employees and navigate industry changes. 

If you have a big focus on wellbeing in the workplace at the moment, have you considered financial wellbeing as part of this? As you know, people's financial situation can have an impact on how they feel.

We've created a financial wellbeing tool for you to share with employees to help them improve their financial wellbeing. By answering ten questions, they'll get insight into the ten elements of financial wellbeing and a suite of helpful content that's tailored to them. From financial literacy to rainy-day saving, they'll receive a comprehensive package of articles, resources, videos, and podcasts.

We've also created this short video so you can find out what financial wellbeing is and how we can help you support your employees.

The following video is about Frequently asked questions we're receiving from workplace scheme members and has a transcript (see below).

How else we can help you...

  • Help members unlock the value of their pension through effective scheme announcement and ongoing engagement.
  • Influence member behavioural change through simple language and simple online processes.
  • Introduce pensions to members through a digital welcome journey, timely communications and access to relevant content.
  • Support and educate members as they approach retirement.
  • Dedicated employer and member e-newsletters with relevant articles, insight and timely information designed to educate and inspire. 
  • By making it easier for scheme members to understand their options and take action, we’ve improved customer engagement, with 67% of members activating their online account. 

Turn your workplace pension into an asset, not a cost