Your easyJet pension scheme

Retirement is a massive part of all our lives and you’ll want to make sure you’ve saved enough to enjoy your retirement.

easyJet want to help you be ready, and are working with us, Aegon, to provide you with a modern workplace retirement savings solution so that you can save for a time when you’re no longer working.

So why should you use a workplace scheme to save for retirement?

  1. Saving for retirement through a workplace scheme is generally considered to be one of the best and most tax-efficient ways to save for retirement.
  2. easyJet will also pay money into your pension – that’s extra money on top of your salary.
  3. You can easily bring all your pension pots together and manage them all together in one plan. However you should consider if you may lose features, protections, guarantees or other benefits by transferring. 
  4. The Scheme offers ‘salary sacrifice’ – a way of contributing that saves you National Insurance (NI). If you choose to make your pension contributions using salary sacrifice easyJet will also save on their NI payments – and they’ll pass half of that saving back to you via an increase in your pension contribution.

Salary sacrifice and transferring pensions may not be suitable for everyone and if you’re not sure, you should get financial advice.

What you get back depends on several things, for example how your investments perform and how they're taxed, and you may get back less than you invested.

Got any questions?

Contact Aon Consulting Ltd, the appointed adviser.


Helping you on your retirement journey