What are the latest regulatory and legislative key dates?

Read our summary to keep up to date with the latest regulatory and legislative key dates from now and into the future.

Item Date (if known) Definite or expected?
Removal of NEST’s contribution cap and bulk transfer ban 1 April Definite
Automatic enrolment staging dates continue, including for those employers which don’t have a PAYE scheme 1 April Definite
Deadline for applying to HMRC for Individual Protection 2014 5 April Definite
Introduction of the Lifetime ISA 6 April Definite
Income tax personal allowance increases to £11,500 pa 6 April Definite
Higher rate tax band increases to £45,000 pa for rUK (£43,000 for Scottish residents, The Scotland Act 2016 allowing different income tax rates and thresholds comes into force 6 April Definite
Automatic enrolment contribution thresholds increase to £5,876 and £45,000. Salary trigger for auto-enrolment frozen at £10,000 6 April Definite
ISA allowance increases to £20,000 6 April Definite
Interest from OEICs, authorised unit trusts and investment trust companies can be paid without a tax deduction 6 April Expected
Income tax and National Insurance exemptions for employer arranged pension advice allowance increases from £150 to £500 6 April Definite
Pensions advice allowance £500 up to 3 times for DC savers to access retirement advice 6 April Definite
From PS16/12: Projections including guarantees (transitional available immediately) become effective 6 April Definite
PPF new long service compensation cap effective 6 April Definite
The money purchase annual allowance for people accessing the pension freedoms reduces from £10,000 to £4,000 6 April Definite
Most new salary sacrifice arrangements to be taxed as cash, except for a limited range of benefits including pension contributions and pension advice which continue to be tax advantaged 6 April Definite
New DWP requirements for valuing pensions for the advice requirement and new consumer protections 6 April TBC
Changes to recognised overseas pension scheme rules effective 6 April Definite
Various changes to align the tax treatment of foreign pensions more closely with the UK domestic pension tax regime. 6 April Definite
Technical consultation on draft regulations to extend the ISA tax advantages to investments held within an ISA account (other than a Junior ISA account) after the death of the account holder closes. 7 April Definite
All schemes that were QROPS on 8 March need to submit a revised undertaking to HMRC if they want to continue to be a QROPS By 13 April Definite
(FAMR) Financial Advice Working Group to publish a shortlist of potential terms to describe “guidance” and “advice” April Expected
(FAMR) FCA to consult on new guidance to support firms offering services that help consumers making their own investment decisions without a personal recommendation April Expected
(FAMR) FCA to consult on guidance for streamlined advice April Expected
(FAMR) – FCA and TPR to develop and promote a new factsheet to set out what help employers and trustees can provide on financial matters without being subject to regulation. April Expected
(FAMR) – Financial Advice Working Group to complete work with employers to develop and publish a guide to the top ten ways to support employees’ financial health. April Expected
(FAMR) Financial Advice Working Group to lead a task force to design and test a set of rules of thumb and nudges. These should include timely prompts for people to consider their financial position, and rules of thumb to give people a steer on simpler needs. April Expected
DWP consults on its draft regulations setting an exit fees cap for members of trust-based schemes accessing the pension freedoms (for over 55s) April Expected
Pension Schemes Bill 2016 – 17 gets Royal Assent April Expected
Parliament returns 18 April Definite
DWP to consult on a ban on existing commission related charges for occupational pension schemes (expected once the Pension Schemes Bill has been enacted) April / May Expected
Government response to the pension cold-calling consultation April / May Expected
Queen’s Speech April / May Expected
Item Date (if known) Definite or expected?
Automatic enrolment staging dates start for new employers set up since 1 April 2012 1 May onwards Definite
FCA consultation on Smarter Consumer Communications closes 3 May Definite
Government to publish its final report in response to the Independent review of State Pension Age By 7 May Expected
The Pensions Regulator consultation on its ‘Draft monetary penalties policy and revised trustee professional trustee description ‘ closes 9 May Expected
DWP consultation ‘Security and Sustainability in Defined Benefit schemes ‘ closes 14 May Definite
PPF consultation on the third PPF levy triennium 2018/19 – 2020/21 closes 15 May Definite
Investment Association consultation on ‘Enhanced disclosure of charges and transaction costs’ closes 19 May Definite
Parliament rises 25 May Definite
Item Date (if known) Definite or expected?
Insurance premium tax to rise from 10% to 12% 1 June Definite
Parliament returns 5 June Definite
FCA consultation paper 1 on the Insurance Distribution Directive Implementation 5 June Definite
FCA Guidance consultation (GC17/1) changes to the way firms calculate redress for unsuitable deferred benefit transfers closes (backdated to complaints made after 3 August 2016) 10 June Definite
Taylor’s independent review of modern employment practices to be published June Expected
FCA to publish a final PS on remaining MiFID II issues on which it’s consulted June Expected
FCA publishes its final report on the Asset Management Market Study H1 2017 Expected
FCA to publish a Policy Statement on PRIIPs H1 2017 Expected
Item Date (if known) Definite or expected?
FCA publishes its ‘Strategy on the Ageing Population’ including recommendations on how the industry can improve customer outcomes Summer 2017 Expected
PRIIPs regulations and technical standards published Mid 2017 Expected
FCA policy statement on the Insurance Distribution Directive September Expected
DWP exit fees cap for members of trust-based schemes accessing the pension freedoms (for over 55s) comes into force October Expected
FCA Policy Statement and a further consultation on the Financial Services Compensation Scheme published Autumn Expected
First Autumn Budget Autumn Expected
DWP published its draft master trust regulations following the Pensions Act 2017 Autumn Expected
DWP to consult on hidden pension costs and charges Autumn Possible
FCA thematic review into DB to DC transfers advice and processes    Autumn Possible
Government publishes a new Green Paper on social care funding Autumn Expected
FCA carries out a review of IGC effectiveness 2017 Expected
FCA second consultation paper on the Insurance Distribution Directive (covering conduct of business and CASS) 2017 Expected
New UK Money Laundering regulations (transposition of the 4th EU Money Laundering Directive) 2017 Expected
HMRC new digital channel for submitting ‘Relief at Source’ annual submissions 2017 Expected
DWP publishes GMP equalisation legislation 2017 or later Possible
FCA completes its Retirement Outcomes Review Q4 Expected
DWP publishes its findings of the 2017 review of auto-enrolment, NEST price cap, DC workplace charge cap and transactional charges End of 2017 Expected
Item Date (if known) Definite or expected?
(FAMR) HMT to implement change to definition of regulated advice under the Regulated Activities Order (RAO) so that it is based upon a personal recommendation 1 January Definite
Final MiFID ll / MiFiR rules effective 3 January Definite
PRIIPS Key Information Document effective 1 January Expected
End of employer pension staging period 1 February 2018 Definite
Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) becomes effective 23 February Definite
Increase in total statutory minimum pension contributions to 5% (including 2% employer minimum) 6 April 2018 Definite
Introduction of the Help to Save Scheme By 6 April 2018 Definite
Class 2 National Insurance Contributions abolished for the self-employed and Class 4 NICs reformed April 2018 Definite
Dividend tax free allowance reduces from £5,000 to £2,000 6 April 2018 Definite
Indexation of the Lifetime Allowance in line with the CPI 6 April 2018 onwards Definite
Final date for pensions providers to implement systems to calculate the correct amount of Relief at Source (RAS) in respect of the Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT) April 2018 Definite
UK implementation of the EU Data Protection Regulations, as per the EU Directive 25 May 2018 Definite
New FCA rules in place requiring annuity providers to inform customers how much they can save by shopping around September 2018 Definite
New rules for master trusts and new powers for the Pensions Regulator to authorise and monitor Master trusts October 2018 Expected
Single public financial guidance body in place No earlier than Autumn 2018 Expected
State Pension Ages equalise at age 65 November 2018 Definite
State Pension Ages rises to age 66 in stages 2018 - 2020 Definite
Implementation of IORP II Late 2018/ early 2019 Expected
HMT commits to ensuring the pension industry launches a pensions dashboard By 2019 Expected
UK leaves the EU End March 2019 Expected
Full statutory total minimum pension contributions of 8% (including 3% employer minimum) 6 April 2019 Definite
Help to Buy ISA closed to new savers (and to new contributions from 2029) 30 November 2019 Definite
Corporation tax reduces to 17% 1 April 2020 Definite
Government’s long term care funding package starts April 2020 Expected
Increase in the self-employed national insurance contributions 2020 Possible
Personal allowance to rise to £12,500 and the higher rate threshold to rise to £50,000 (with the exception of Scottish resident taxpayers) By May 2020 Expected
Triple lock increases to the Basic and New State Pensions ends 2020 Possible
State Pension Ages rises to age 67 in stages 2026 - 2028 Definite
Minimum pension age rises to age 57 2028 Expected
State Pension Age to increase to age 68 2037 - 2039 Expected