How long will my protection claim take?

For protection policies only

The time taken to assess a claim depends on how much medical information we need and how fast we receive it.

For death claims, if we don’t need any medical information, we can complete a claim as soon as you return the paperwork we ask for.

We can, where possible, use electronic confirmation of death certificates. This means we don’t need to receive the original death certificate and can help speed up the claims process. 

For a critical illness or death claim requiring medical information, it takes around eight weeks – although we look at ways to reduce this. If you have copies of any medical letters that your consultant has given you, we may be able to use these instead of approaching your consultant directly, helping speed up the claims process.

Income protection claims are more complex and can take up to 12 weeks. Because of this, you should tell us as soon as you’re unable to work due to ill health. If we can start assessing a claim early, we may be able to offer medical help that will allow you to return to work much sooner.

Tele-claims(Opens new window) usually take less time to assess.