Promoting your workplace pension scheme

Marketing isn't just for big organisations looking for new customers – the principles are just as important to how you communicate with your internal audience.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to promote their workplace benefits to their employees and there are plenty of techniques to help you do this with the help of your scheme adviser.

Running a campaign

Employees will only become a member of your workplace savings scheme if they hear about it. So it’s important  you spread the word at every opportunity.

A simple and effective marketing campaign can help you do this. 

Delivering effective scheme communications

A simple and effective marketing campaign can help you engage your employees and encourage them to plan for their future.

The nature of your communication with your employees will depend on the size and scope of your business. If your organisation has a small number of employees, you’re unlikely to have to engage in a particularly extensive education exercise.

Here are some sample emails and other documents you can use to promote your scheme.

Support for scheme announcements

Things you must issue to employees so they have enough information to make any decisions about their new scheme:

If you're using SmartEnrol (our auto enrolment system), the essential information will be emailed to your employees directly from the system.

We also recommend you issue:

Support with non-joiners

Run a campaign to give those who didn’t join the pension scheme another chance with the following sample emails:

Support with new employees

Welcome new employees to the company by letting them know about the workplace savings solution available to them.

Support with existing members

Your employees should review their pension provision on a regular basis to make sure their contributions will be enough to help them have the retirement they want. You could run a campaign to remind them about the great benefit you offer and to get them to review their savings to see if they need to up their pension contributions to be on target to meet their future aspirations.

If you'd like to run a campaign in your workplace to promote your pension scheme, we can help. Please speak to your Aegon contact for more information.

If you’re looking for any employer guidance, speak to your financial adviser or see regulatory guidance (PDF - 164kb)(Opens new window)(Opens new window)