How do employers report on their scheme and what management information is available?

Whether it’s to support an employee engagement strategy, assist with voluntary scheme governance actions, or simply help with scheme administration and reviews, we recognise the need for employers for regular, reliable and instant management information (MI).

Report Zone is the easy to use, comprehensive reporting and MI service for employers. This sophisticated online tool gives access to a number of user-friendly employer reports at the touch of a button.

These reports will include scheme and member level data such as financial, membership, contributions and investments depending on the wrapper selected.

To help maintain oversight of the scheme, the following reports are available through Report Zone:

  • Financial information – the scheme value, number of members, number and value of transfers in and single contributions
  • Membership levels – the number of members (active, deferred and leavers) and the number of members due to retire
  • Contributions details – total contributions, employer contributions, employee contributions and your scheme average against Aegon and industry benchmarks
  • Investments information – asset value, percentage splits, number of active and deferred members invested in a particular fund