Getting ready for auto-enrolment

We’re committed to making auto-enrolment as easy as possible for you.

To get started you need to think about your obligations and duties - essentially what you need to do and when. To help guide you, please select the relevant section below.

You’ll need to set up your pension scheme within six weeks of your duties start date - this is the date from when you started employing your first employee.


To help you meet your legal requirements we’ve developed an auto-enrolment solution called SmartEnrol. It’s a tool designed to help you enrol all your eligible employees efficiently by;

·   supporting you with your compliance requirements,
·   accessible online and easy to use, and
·   is backed-up by a dedicated team just a call or email away.

Take a look at our SmartEnrol demo to see how it works.

How we'll help

If you’re going to use SmartEnrol, complete the SmartEnrol set-up and we’ll talk you through the email verification process. Our onboarding team will talk you through the assessment process and help get you up and running.

Using SmartEnrol

1. Send us your set-up form and payroll file.
2. Start communicating with your employees about auto-enrolment and how it affects them.
3. Send us your payroll cut-off dates.

If you’re using SmartEnrol upload your payroll file and complete the email verification process.
Make sure you understand what you need to do and when.

- We’ll contact you if there’s anything missing from your data.

For queries please contact:

·   Our client support team on 0345 608 1680 (Option 3)
·   Or to email the team -


Cyclical auto-re-enrolment occurs approximately every three years after an employer’s staging date. 

However there are some key differences between auto-re-enrolment and auto-enrolment:

•    Auto-re-enrolment will only apply to employees who have:

          - Opted out previously
          - Left your pension scheme after the opt-out period ended
          - Chosen to reduce the level of pension contributions to below the minimum level

•    Postponement cannot be used with auto-re-enrolment. If the eligible jobholder criteria are met by an employee on the auto-re-enrolment date, auto-re-enrolment must take place with effect from that date.

There are a number of steps an employer must take to prepare for cyclical auto-re-enrolment;

1. Choose your cyclical auto-enrolment date. This date falls within a six month window - starting three months before the third anniversary of your original staging date and ending three months from that anniversary.

2. Assess your business processes and software supporting the administration of your employer duties.

3. Get ready to manage any opt-outs, as the eligible jobholder has a one-month period after auto-re-enrolment during which they may choose to opt out.

Our SmartEnrol solution can handle all of these steps for you. If you’re using a different solution to handle your auto-re-enrolment, then please engage them early to ensure that they can deliver within the timings required.

4. Finally, complete your re-declaration of compliance within five months of the third anniversary of your staging date.

The Pensions Regulator has further information around auto-enrolment

Ongoing support

Use SmartPay to make contributions. If you’re using our platform you'll pay through Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) in the normal way.

What we'll do

We’ll process your new joiners.

For platform queries please contact:

·     Our client support team on 0345 608 1680 (Option 3)
·     Or to email the team -

For non-platform queries please contact:

·     Our onboarding team on 0131 549 3000
·     Or to email the team -