Where's your money invested?

BSI has chosen a range with over 270 funds for you to choose from. This range is perfect if you’re a confident investor and want to take a hands-on approach to investing.

If you don't pick a fund, BSI has chosen a default fund for your plan, the Scottish Equitable BlackRock Aquila Consensus Lifestyle so we’ll automatically invest any contributions and payments in it, unless you tell us otherwise. The company can also give you access to two further Lifestyle Options – a Cautious and Adventurous Lifestyle option. You can find more details on these in the supporting investment factsheet in your joining pack. You don’t have to invest in this fund and, if you do, you have the flexibility to move to a different fund in the future.

(If you're an active member of the BSI UK Pension Plan, please remember to deduct 0.7% from the fund charge quoted on the fund factsheet).