Auto enrolment - do I have a choice?

Yes. If you’re enrolled, you’ll have a one-month period in which you can choose to ‘opt out’ of the scheme. If you want to opt out, you must let your employer know. You’ll get information about your right to opt out when you’re being enrolled.

If you opt out, any contributions that you’ve already paid will be refunded to you in full.

If you choose to opt out, you can normally re-join the scheme at any time in the future. If you don’t re-join the scheme, provided you still meet the necessary conditions, your employer has a duty to automatically re-enrol you roughly every three years, which will give you the opportunity to change your mind. If you still don’t want to be in the pension scheme, you’ll be able to opt out again.

If you decide to leave the scheme after the opt-out period has finished, you’ll not get a refund of your contributions. Instead, any contributions paid (either by you or your employer) will stay in your pension until you take your pension benefits.