How is my money invested in Secure Retirement Income (SRI)?

You can choose between two funds, designed specifically for use in conjunction with Secure Retirement Income.

These funds invest in UK company shares and UK gilts, and use a sophisticated risk-management process to make sure the amount of risk they take remains constant.

Generally speaking, the more risk a fund takes, the greater its growth potential. However, riskier funds also have more chance of experiencing falls.

You can find out more about the funds on their factsheets:

You can only invest in one of these funds and once invested can’t switch to the other fund.

These funds are subject to regular monitoring to check if they meet out Funds Promise commitments. Find out more about our Funds Promise.

Your adviser will help you work out which fund best matches your risk appetite.

With Secure Retirement Income, the value of the income you take is guaranteed. However, the capital value of your investment may go down as well as up and may be worth less than you originally invested.