Who is a Flexible Pension Plan suitable for?

A Flexible Pension Plan may be suitable if you clients...

  • want to save for your retirement and want to invest £100 or more every month, or make single contributions and/or pay in transfer(s) ideally over £10,000
  • want access to a wide range of pension funds 
  • are aged between 18 and 75 and have at least 10 years to retirement
  • want to keep control over where and how your pension fund is invested 
  • would like to choose from a range of investment portfolios that can match your own attitude to risk
  • want tax relief on pension savings 
  • have several pension arrangements and investments with several different fund managers
  • are either employed or self-employed
  • would like a choice of charging options to allow you to choose the most appropriate one for you

A Flexible Pension Plan may not be suitable if you...

  • don’t need a high level of investment choice and advice – then a stakeholder pension may be more appropriate
  • are only considering investing for a short time before moving your money or taking your benefits

Financial advice

The above information is intended for financial advisers. If you're a customer and you're uncertain about your options, a financial adviser will be able to help. To find a financial adviser in your area please visit www.unbiased.uk(Opens new window)