How do I find my Aegon Retirement Choices policy number?

With Aegon Retirement Choices, you have an account number (sometimes also referred to as investor number) rather than a policy number. You'll find your account number on the documentation that we sent you when you first set up your Aegon Retirement Choices account, for example the confirmation of application or contract note.

If you no longer have this, or have misplaced this, you can log into your Aegon Retirement Choices account on our website. All you need is your username and password. Once signed in, you can find your account number at the top centre of the page – it will start with a ‘2’.  

Alternatively, you can also find this out by calling us on 0345 680 1234. We’ll ask you some security questions to make sure we’re speaking to the correct person and once you’ve passed these, we’ll then be able to make arrangements to send you this securely.