I take part in private aviation - what kind of rating can I expect?

We’d need to know whether it’s a fixed wing aircraft or a helicopter that the client is flying. For fixed wing aircrafts, we need to know which areas they fly in and how many hours flying they do a year. For helicopters, we need to know which areas they fly in, how many hours flying they do a year and the weight of the helicopter.

For life cover we’d be looking at a loading of £1 per mille* upwards and for critical illnesses, we’d generally be looking at an exclusion.

The minimum loading for a helicopter pilot is £2 per mille*, with an exclusion on critical illness protection.

Our aviation(Opens new window) and aviation-related(Opens new window) questionnaires can help you collect all this information.

*Per mille ratings mean £1 for each thousand pound sum assured a year.

Case study

Applicant applied for life insurance and disclosed on application that they participated in hang-gliding on a number of occasions a year. Further disclosure on the application form and/or aviation-related questionnaire confirmed that the applicant did not participate in any record attempts, prototype testing or competitions, was a member of the British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) and only flew less than 50 hours a year.

Our final decision was to accept the life insurance at ordinary rates.