I've had cancer - would you offer cover? If so what kind of rating can I expect?

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We’d need to know:

  • what kind of tumour you have and where it was
  • when you completed primary treatment
  • the staging of the cancer
  • the size of the tumour and whether there was any lymph node involvement

Without the full information, it's difficult to give an accurate loading. Each case will be judged on its own merit. Our questionnaire(Opens new window) can help you collect all of this information.

Case study

Applicant applied for life insurance with critical illness cover and disclosed on application form that they had suffered from bowel cancer five years ago, but had been symptom free with no recurrence since their operation to remove the tumour. After referral to underwriting we requested a targeted tumour questionnaire from the client’s GP. We don't request a full general practitioner's report for this condition.

The questionnaire revealed that the client had suffered from Dukes’ stage A1 colorectal cancer five years ago with surgical removal and resection of the affected area of the colon. The information received from the GP was very detailed and included copies of all relevant specialist reports relating to the history of cancer. This confirmed that the client had suffered no recurrence or residual disability.

Our final decision was to accept the life insurance at ordinary rates and to exclude cancer from critical illness.