Do you offer additional services with your protection products?

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Yes - you get more than just financial support with our protection products.

At no extra cost, you’ll have access to our protection support services, provided by our partners Health Assured and Cazden. You don’t need to make a claim to use these services – you can access them both from the day your policy starts.

The following video is about Supporting you and your family and has a transcript (see below).

All of our protection customers have access to a health and wellbeing service provided by our partners, Health Assured. This gives you, and those closest to you, access to confidential support and guidance on a wide range of issues, including:

  • loss of a family member or friend;
  • diagnosis of a medical condition;
  • emotional issues;
  • marital and relationship concerns;
  • family concerns, for example childcare;
  • work-related concerns, and
  • consumer rights, legal and debt issues.
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You can speak to Health Assured’s qualified and experienced counsellors over the phone in confidence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call them on 08000 28 90 95 or access the dedicated Health Assured online hub at new window)

Meet David

David is finding it difficult to cope following the death of his mother. Although a year has passed, he’s still struggling with daily life. He has supportive friends and relatives but he doesn’t feel it’s right to keep talking about his mother’s death so many months after the funeral.

How can we help?

As a protection policyholder, David gave Health Assured a call.

After giving David some time and space to talk about his mother’s death and how he was feeling, the counsellor discussed the cycle of bereavement and the process of grieving - reassuring David that his reactions were not unusual after a bereavement, and that everyone needs a different amount of time to deal with a death. The session also gave David some small steps to focus on – to help him through the grieving process.

David felt reassured that he could access the service again should he need additional support in the future - all at no additional cost to him.

Find out more in our Supporting you and your family flyer(Opens new window).

The following video is about Supporting you and your business and has a transcript (see below).

As a Business Protection customer, as well as having access to our health and wellbeing service provided by Health Assured, you’ll also have access to our key person replacement service, provided by our partners Cazden.

Cazden, can provide you with help and support should you need to replace key people within your business. They can:

  • provide help and guidance on how to find replacement ‘key’ personnel – whether temporary or permanent including:
    • providing CVs of potential candidates;
    • providing advice and support when looking for a permanent replacement, and
    • support in writing job specifications, adverts and recruitment agency briefs, and
  • provide advice, guidance and support on all aspects of employment law via their employment helpline.
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You can speak to Cazden’s business consultants over the phone in confidence, Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding public holidays). Call them on 01688 30 26 64 or you can email them at new window).

Meet Dan and Charles

They run a printing company together. Unfortunately Dan is killed in a road traffic accident and things are now getting difficult for Charles.

Charles has double the workload and a number of customers are concerned that Dan is no longer managing their business. Despite Charles’ best efforts, they’ve left him for a rival company. The loss of those customers amounts to a 25% drop of the company’s profits. Charles isn’t coping and doesn’t know how long he can continue running the business with things as they are.

How can we help?

As a Business Protection policyholder, Charles can contact Cazden for help and support in recruiting a Business Development Manager or possibly a Key Account Manager – either on a temporary or permanent basis. Cazden could also offer Charles some business coaching - helping him to think about the future of his business and what direction/options he’d like to follow. All services offered would be bespoke for Charles.

Charles can also contact our health and wellbeing support service to receive bereavement support and help in dealing with losing his best friend and business partner – all at no additional cost to him.

Find out more in our Business Protection – helping you move forward flyer(Opens new window).