Why is it important to give accurate information?

For protection policies only

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Why are claims turned down?

It's an industry 'hot topic' that claims are turned down. In our experience, the main reason why life claims are declined is material misrepresentation. So, you can see the importance of giving us full details of your medical history when you're applying for a policy.

For critical illness, the majority of claims we've turned down are because the illness doesn't meet the policy definition.  This sometimes happens because a policyholder hasn't realised what exactly they're covered for.

How can we help?

Our philosophy is to provide a professional and fair claims service by paying all valid claims on time. To do this, we need you to give us accurate information in your protection application, so you should:

  • check the application form is fully completed;
  • make sure information such as weight, smoking, alcohol and family history is accurate - give as much detail as possible;
  • not assume we’ll contact your GP;
  • tell us about any changes in your circumstances before your policy starts, and
  • check your application record.