Will my height and weight affect the terms I'm offered?

We need to know your age, height and weight to work out your body mass index (BMI). We use this to assess whether you'll need to make higher policy payments because of your height and weight, providing there are no other health issues.

If you have a particularly high BMI, we’d ask a third-party company to carry out a nurse screening in order to confirm up-to-date height and weight readings.

Take a look at our BMI table(Opens new window) for more information.

We also take into account cardiovascular risk factors, for example blood pressure, smoking status and the term of the policy.

Case study

A 40-year-old male applied for life insurance and disclosed on his application form that he was 5 foot 10 inches, and weighed 19 stone 7lbs. He was a non-smoker and had no other associated risk factors. As this equates to a BMI of 39, we requested a nurse screening.

The exam confirmed that the client’s height and weight was as disclosed on their application form and that his blood pressure was within normal limits.

Our final decision was to accept the customer, but he'd have to pay an extra +75% for life insurance.