With-Profits - performance

It is important to note that past performance is no guide to future performance. The value of an investment can fall as well as rise for a number of reasons, for example market and currency movements. You may get back less than originally invested.

Fund factsheets

The fund factsheets provide detailed information for each With-Profits fund. This includes whether there are any guarantees associated with a particular investment, current asset profile, past performance, annual bonus rate history, current final bonus rates and market value reductions.

For New Generation With-Profits, the expected growth rate (EGR) is our view of the rate at which the underlying investments may grow over the long term. The current rates are shown in the table below and are net of our standard 1 % annual management charge. They are only used to calculate the smoothed unit price – they are not guaranteed and may change in the future. For more information on how we calculate the daily unit price see the Consumer-friendly Principles and Practices of Financial Management for New Generation With-Profits (PDF - 925kb)(Opens new window)

New Generation With-Profits EGRs Effective from 1 April 2018 Effective from 1 April 2019
Pensions Growth 5.75% 5.25%
Pensions Cautious 3.75% 3.75%
Life Growth 5.50% 5.00%
Life Cautious 3.50% 3.25%