What price will I get when I switch funds?

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There can be a delay between selling units in your old fund or investment and reinvesting in your new fund choice depending on the types of fund or investment involved. For ARC and One Retirement investors, this can be between three and five working days. In order to initiate your sale instructions, we must have received and acknowledged the instruction. Any sale will then typically be placed within the next two Aegon dealing points, subject to acceptance of the instructions by the relevant investment institution. If you're in any doubt you can contact our helpdesk on 0345 608 1680 (ARC) or  0345 608 2680 (One Retirement) or talk to your usual Aegon representative.

For all other products, whether switches are carried out online sent by post, the following rules apply:

-  Switch instructions received in head office before 12 noon will (in normal circumstances) receive the price as at 12 noon on the next working day.

- Switch instructions received in head office after 12 noon will (in normal circumstances) receive the price as at 12 noon on the following working day i.e. two working days after receipt.

Weekends and bank holidays are not regarded as working days and there is no trading on these days.

Full switching rules are shown on the 'Alteration of fund choice (PDF - 200kb)(Opens new window)' form, which you can download here or our helpdesk on  03456 10 00 10 (individual pensions) or 03456 10 00 88 (group pensions) can send you a copy.

If you need more information about which fund prices apply to your plan, please call our helpdesk on 03456 10 00 10 (individual pensions and investment bonds) or 03456 10 00 88 (group pensions) during office hours (Monday to Friday).