What is an annual management charge (AMC)?

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These charges cover the cost of managing your funds or investments and checking they’re performing as expected.

How much is the charge?

The charge depends on the investments you and/or your adviser have selected. You can find out which investments are available to you and how much they cost(Opens new window), then click on 'Other fund ranges'.

How often is the charge taken?

Charges are normally calculated daily and are taken directly from your investments. Some fund managers may have other frequencies.

How do you calculate the charge?

The charge is calculated as a percentage of the investments. It’s taken directly which means it’s already been taken into account when you view the performance of your investments.

For example, if an investment has an annual charge of 1%, then each day 1/365th of 1% (0.00274%), would be calculated and taken to cover the investment charge.