What charges are applied to my policy?


Wealth Management Portfolio

The Wealth Management Portfolio was built with flexibility in mind so we set things up so you and your adviser could decide on the pricing structure that suited you both. Because of this, charges differ from customer to customer, and you’ll be able to find out your own specific charges by looking at your ‘Charges schedule’ that you would have received when you took out the bond.

We set out details below of some of the charges that apply to all of our Wealth Management Portfolio customers

Annual management charge

The annual management charge is specific to the fund(s) you’re invested in.
See our Fund prices and performance page for details of the charge that applies to our internal fund range. For other funds please speak to your financial adviser.

Change in custodian charge

Changing the custodian of your bond from or to Aegon can only be carried out as a cash transfer. This means that your current assets will be sold and the proceeds transferred to your new custodian. A charge will apply. We call this charge a 'Change in custodian charge' in your policy conditions booklet. Please see the question regarding the change of custodianship charges as all charges are outlined there.

Have a look to find out what charges apply.

Cash account interest rates

If your bond has a cash account, there may be interest to pay if your account is overdrawn.

Have a look here to find the interest rates that apply to the cash account. 

Dealing charges

We won't charge you for any switches within our own internal range of funds.

We don’t apply dealing charges for selling or purchasing cash deposits or structured deposits.  For all other investments you get 25 free deals each policy year, after which you’ll be charged. Replacing one asset with another is two deals i.e. one sale and one purchase. The current dealing charge is £23.25 but we review our charges each year.

However there are other charges made by our custodian and/or by another custodian/investment manager that could apply.

Valuation charges

We'll send you 4 statements each year free of charge, there will be a £40 charge for any additional statements requested.