CGT reporting tool for ARC and Aegon Platform GIAs

For intermediaries only

Our capital gains tax (CGT) reporting tool for Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) and Aegon Platform general investment accounts (GIAs) gives advisers and paraplanners the information they need to manage their client’s CGT liabilities.

  • Easy to track profit and loss - simple visual layout and intuitive navigation.
  • Enables CGT calculations - provides the data for CGT planning and tax calculations.
  • Client-facing reports.
  • Bespoke paraplanner view - gives access to client information on behalf of advisers.

Here's a quick overview: 

Dashboard: See a visual summary of profit and loss over an adjustable time period.

Valuation: get an asset overview and profit status of each holding.

Cost-base enquiry: Easily obtain the data you need to calculate and manage CGT status.

Reports: Access reports on realised or unrealised gains.

Historical cost base: Input historic prices for stock transfers to ensure data accuracy.

To use the tool log in to ARC and use the link on the left-hand menu, or log in to the Aegon Platform and click on CGT tool button on your dashboard. If you want a more detailed overview please read the user guide.