Investment options

Your pension contributions are invested, and how much you’ll have to retire on will depend on how well the investments you choose perform.

If you’ve been automatically enrolled or opt into your scheme, your contributions will be automatically invested in the default fund chosen by your employer – which for the easyJet scheme is the The Universal Lifestyle Collection

The Universal Lifestyle Collection, is a collection of funds put together by Aegon which uses a two-stage investment process called ‘lifestyling’. It aims to grow your pension savings in the early years, by aiming for higher returns at a higher risk, then protect them in the final 6 years before retirement (the lifestyle stage) by moving them into more stable funds. You need to state when you plan to retire – your ‘target retirement age’ – so that your savings start moving at the right time.

There is no additional investment charge for investing in the Universal Lifestyle Collection.

Whilst easyJet have chosen a default investment option for you to start out in, you’ll need to consider whether this is the right fund for you.

If you want more control over where your money is invested, and would prefer to choose a fund that’s more tailored to your needs. There’s a wide range of quality options available, and you can select from our full fund range.

Some investment funds have additional charges for the ongoing management and administration of the fund. If you choose to invest in one of these funds, you’ll pay this additional investment charge on top of the core AMC of 0.37%. Your final plan charge is calculated as your AMC plus any additional investment charges.

Charges cap - The government has put in place a charges cap, which means that members investing in a scheme’s default fund(s), can’t be charged more than 0.75% of their fund value each year. Depending on the amount of the additional charge you may go above 0.75%. Take a look at our fund list to find out which funds have additional charges, these charges may vary in the future. However, there’s a wide range of funds to choose from and only certain funds have additional charges.

You can change your investment choice (known as ‘switching’) at anytime, free of charge, after you’ve paid your first contribution. Take a look at our fund list to find out what your choices are.

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