Track your savings

Most of us check our bank statements or restaurant bills. So why don’t we do the same with our retirement savings? After all, don’t you want to know how your retirement is adding up? With Retiready and its scoring system you can, quickly and easily.

Getting your Retiready score and registering unlocks all kinds of useful tools that let you see exactly where you stand.

Getting your Retiready score

Our interactive tools are great, but before you start making changes, let’s find out where you stand now. Getting your Retiready score will show you easily and clearly how ready you are for the retirement you want.

And getting your score is easy. All you’ll need are a few details about your current retirement plans.

Details to help you get your score:

  • How much you have in savings.
  • Any contributions you or your employer make.

Don't worry if you don't have this information to hand now, you can change this later through your digital dashboard.

A retiready score of 82

Goal planner

Our easy to use interactive tools show how ready you are for retirement and help you set, manage and track your retirement goals.

Lifestyle planner

Working out how much we spend every week or month can be difficult enough, so it’s hard to know how much we’ll need in retirement. Our Lifestyle planner can help.

Using the information you provide, it will work out how much money you might need in the future, so you can set your goals.