Saving for your future

Retirement planning can be as simple as working out how much you need to save now, to allow you to live how you want later.

Our retirement planning tools can help you do just that. Did you know that by cutting down on a couple of coffees a day, you'll save £100 a month, which over 30 years could amount to £36,000. Still need that caffeine fix?

Take a look at our tools below to help you start planning for your retirement.

How ready is the UK for retirement?

According to our latest Retirement readiness report(Opens new window) over half the population, 56.2%, don't know how much retirement income they'll receive when they retire. Encouragingly though, since the pension freedoms launched in April 2015, 14% of the population are now saving more into their pensions.

In addition people are now more realistic about the money they'll need in retirement, with an aspirational annual income of £32,270. When asked the same question a year ago people were reaching for £37,912 on average, which would undoubtedly leave the majority disappointed. 

To make sure you’re on track, find out your Retiready score and plan for your retirement today.

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