Exactly what you need for protection – Brian’s story

Have you considered what you or your family would do if the main earner suddenly became ill and was unable to work for a period of time? Could you continue to pay your monthly bills? At a time when you should be focusing on your health, you may also end up having serious financial concerns as well. A Personal Protection policy can help ease these worries.

The following video is about Exactly what you need for protection – Brian’s story and has a transcript (see below).

Find out how having a Personal Protection policy with Aegon helped Brian after his serious accident.

Exactly what you need for protection – Brian’s story, video transcript

There's nothing like the great outdoors.   

It's where I come to get back to myself.

The little things in life come to mean so much, especially when you've been through a difficult change.

I was grateful to have my wife by my side after my car accident, and my young son kept me smiling. My back injury meant we couldn’t go out for a while, but he was really understanding. A serious injury wasn't something I ever expected would happen to me. Especially at a time when my growing family was depending on me for support.

What a relief it was to know that I had my Personal Protection policy with Aegon. An adviser had recommended Aegon to me, and I decided it was important to know my family would be covered and able to cope if anything was ever to happen to me.

My policy is multi-benefit and comprehensive so, it also includes things like death and critical illness. Luckily, we didn't need to claim for either of those but, after my accident I was able to get in touch and claim on my income protection. 

It gave me two whole years to focus on my recovery. Not worrying about getting back to work or, how we pay the bills, just recovering. It was a huge weight off my shoulders.

The seriousness of my injury meant Aegon gave me a specific rehabilitation plan, which included access to counselling. I would usually come back to nature as a way of coping, but this wasn't something I was able to do after the accident. That’s where the counselling really helped.

My policy also included Policy Plus, a range of free support services, which meant I continued receiving support and counselling after the 24 months, to help me take steps to get back to work.

Now, we’re all back to enjoying the great outdoors again - and appreciating the little things in life.

And my Personal Protection policy with Aegon? Well, that's one of them.