Claims experience

We know that before choosing a protection provider, you’ll want to know more about its claims payment history. That's why we share our claims payment information - to help you understand the cover you’re getting, the importance of giving us accurate information and when we'll pay claims.

In 2018, we paid a total of £128.6 million in claims, helping 1,552 families and businesses. Find out more in our full summary of the claims we paid in 2018(Opens new window).

Supporting you during difficult times

If you need to make a claim, our team of experienced claims assessors will handle your claim with sensitivity and support you through the process.

Our tele-claims service(Opens new window) makes the claims process even easier. An assessor will complete the claim form with you over the phone, removing the hassle of completing paper forms. 

More than just financial support

Our protection policies provide you, and your immediate family, with additional support when you're going through difficult times.

Our support services are available from the start of your policy, at no additional cost, and you don’t need to claim to use them.

In 2018, we paid out 98% of life claims. We declined less than 2% due to misrepresentation and 0.5% because the definition wasn't met due to a suicide exclusion in the first 12 months of their policies.

The most common condition leading to death was cancer, with 47% of claims, and the average age of a claimant was 62 years old.

See our full life protection claims information and case studies(Opens new window).

Terminal illness benefit is a feature on life protection policies. It's an early claim payment of the life protection benefit amount, giving the terminally ill customer the opportunity to get their finances in order before they die.

We'll pay a terminal illness claim when both the customer's consultant and our Chief Medical Officer agree that their life expectancy is less than 12 months, and they're likely to die before their life protection policy expires.

In 2018, we received 23% of life protection claims as terminal illness claims. We paid 95% of these claims in 2018.

Cancer was the reason for 95% of terminal illness claims in 2018.

See our full terminal illness claims information and case studies(Opens new window).

We'll pay a critical illness claim when a customer is diagnosed with a illness that meets one of our critical illness definitions.

In 2018, we paid out 93% of critical illness claims. We declined 1.6% due to misrepresentation and 5.4% because the definition wasn't met.

Cancer, heart attack and stroke were the most common critical illness claims.

See our full critical illness claim information and case studies(Opens new window).

With income protection cover, we’ll pay the customer a monthly income while they’re not able to work.

In 2018, we paid 93% of income protection claims and declined 7% because the definition wasn't met.

The average age of a claimant was 48 years old. Cancer, mental health and neurological conditions were the most common income protection claims.

See our full income protection claim information and case studies(Opens new window).

Avoiding misrepresentation

It's important you take the time to make sure your application is complete and all answers to the questions are accurate. This is just one way that you can help to avoid misrepresentation on any future claim.

If your adviser submits your application using our online services, we'll send you a copy of the answers. You should check these and return the Confirmation form - noting any required changes, or to confirm you're happy the information your adviser has provided is correct. Remember to sign the Confirmation form before you send it back to us.