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The following video is about Retiready fly through and has a transcript (see below).

Benefits of having a score

When you get your Retiready score it’ll probably be the first time you’ll have seen a complete picture of how prepared you actually are for the retirement you want.

  • Get an indication of how on track you are with a simple score;
  • find out what your retirement income may be based on the information you give us and,
  • find out what age you’ll be able to retire (to get the income you want).

Benefits of using Retiready

  • Helps you set goals and make a plan to achieve them;
  • allows you to bring your retirement savings together;
  • see all your retirement savings in one place, anytime;
  • monitor your investments and,
  • lets you keep track of your retirement savings.

Your score explained

Your score offers a rounded view of your position. We work it out by looking at three things:

  • Finances: So we have a picture of your current retirement plans and hopes for retirement.
  • Awareness: This looks at how you think about the lifestyle you want in retirement, as well as your thoughts on how much it might cost.
  • Behaviour: Tries to understand what you’ve already done about retirement and saving.

Score comparison

Score below 30

A score of less than 30

Ok, no-one said preparing for retirement was going to be easy but it looks like you’ve buried your head in the sand and you’re totally unrealistic about what will happen when you reach retirement. Perhaps you’re expecting the state pension to meet your needs? Or, maybe a big lottery win? 

Score between 30-49

A score between 30 and 49

Looks like you’re struggling to put aside as much money as you’d like. You’ve just about got your head above water and although you might have started a pension, you’re not paying in anywhere near enough. The realities of retirement are dawning but you’re more focused on the here and now and probably need some support to move forward and build a plan. 

Score between 50-69

A score between 50 and 69

More and more Brits are starting to think about saving monthly into a pension and having an ISA account. The simple fact is that you’re not going to have as much money as you’d like in retirement, at least not right now. You’re almost on track but need to do more. Join everyone else and save more now!

Score of 70 and above

A score over 70

Well done. You’re right on track and have realistic expectations that match your retirement savings and the lifestyle you want. Whether you started early or have had to play catch-up, you’ve made sound decisions that have left you in an excellent position in the run-up to your retirement. 

Information needed to get a score

It’s basic stuff. All you’ll need are a few details about your current retirement plans – like when you plan to retire, the level of income you’d like in retirement, how much you have in savings now and any contributions you or your employer make.

Retiready pension

  • Makes saving for retirement easy with tax relief* on contributions;
  • easily choose a fund from our small, but perfectly formed range to match your risk level;
  • find out your risk level by answering a few simple questions;
  • clear and competitive charges so you know what you’re paying for, and
  • see your value and manage your account online, anytime.

* The value of any tax relief depends on your individual circumstances.

Retiready ISA

  • Great way to boost your retirement savings;
  • invest in one of four simple funds with a built-in mechanism to safeguard against market crashes;
  • funds tailored to different risk appetites;
  • clear and competitive charges so you know what you’re paying for, and
  • see your value and manage your account online, anytime.

There’s no guarantee the fund objectives will be met. The value of these investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.