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As an investment platform provider, it could be easy for us to fall into the trap of believing we know best how a platform needs to operate; to think we should lead the way in saying what functionality a platform should provide, how it should deliver reporting, how the user experience needs to be configured.

But of course, we don’t have the best understanding – you do.

Advisers who use our platform technology are best placed to give us the very best insight into what a platform needs to do to help them run a business.

The three messages that come back to us are:

1. Get the essentials right

There are three things you need a platform to do. Firstly, it should make sure you have everything you need to add value at a client meeting in one place. Second, it should help you execute any investment action quickly and easily. Finally, a platform should deliver the day-to-day transactional, reporting, and sales MI support to help you increase profitability, reduce risk in your business, and keep customers engaged.

We’ve learned from you that every tool, process, product and piece of functionality on a platform should be geared towards these three goals first and foremost. Everything else is a bit of distraction.

2. Let us use it our way

You don’t want us to second guess how you use a platform – from what you want to see when you log on to how you prefer to compile a client report – so configurability matters. The Aegon platform already offers a high level of customisation. Further on in this edition of  Fresh Perspectives, Garry Latimer explains how we’ll be progressing that as the Cofunds and Aegon platforms come together.

3. Keep innovating but not interfering

You need us to keep your platform future-proofed, which requires continually looking to see what you’ll need to service your clients in 2, 5 or even 10 years from now. But that should never happen at the expense of the smooth running of your business now. We hope you can always rely on us to get the balance right between supporting your business as usual, and helping you make those big strategic leaps from time to time that help keep you ahead in your chosen markets.

As we bring Aegon and Cofunds together, we’ve listened closely to what advisers want from a combined platform – both through our Advisory Board of 30 representative adviser businesses and our Advisory Panel, which is inviting online feedback from all our users. That feedback is helping us build in new features for Aegon users such as pre-funding of trades, more comprehensive sales MI, greater charging flexibility, consolidated natural income and debit card payments.

But that feedback process won’t stop once our two businesses come together. There’s no such thing as the perfect platform – only one that keeps listening and responding. Aegon is your platform, so please keep telling us what you need from it and we’ll keep delivering as best we can.

Shape the future

You can help us shape the future of Aegon and the services we offer you by becoming part of the Aegon Advisory Panel. To get involved just click on this link