UK staff looking for mental health leave and therapy

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Mental health support  is a crucial factor for employees in this ever-changing economy. Hemma Visavadia's article from Cover Magazine breaks down what employees expect from their leaders.


Over 61% of UK employees have expressed wanting hours off work each month specifically to help improve their mental health, according to research from global hiring and payroll company, Remote.

A further 55% of UK respondents said they wanted confidential paid therapy or coaching, while 47% stated that virtual mindfulness sessions would be useful.

Healthy food in the office, home deliveries, or meal stipends were favoured by 52% of respondents, with 44% wanting gym memberships to help improve their mental health.

Notably, the research showed that women were the most interested in having time off for mental health as part of the employee wellness packages.

For male employees the most important wellness benefit was healthy food in the office, home deliveries or meal stipends.

Nadia Vatalidis, vice president of people at Remote, said that while the need for mental health and wellness benefits is more apparent than ever,"the need has always existed."

"The pandemic simply brought it to light and helped us start these conversations in the workforce. Showing your employees that you care about their wellness starts with flexible work and paid leave policies."

"But more than that, you must consider what tangible resources you can offer to your team, like local therapy or coaching services," she concluded.


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