Talking about money could help improve your financial wellbeing

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At Aegon, we’re taking part in Talk Money Week to help you get talking about your money – whether it’s about managing your savings, pensions or sharing your money secrets.

Talk Money Week is an annual campaign, run by the Money and Pension Service (MaPS), which launches on the 8 November 2021. It’s a great opportunity for you to join, start or lead the conversation with friends and family, colleagues or with anyone you feel most comfortable talking to – on all thing’s money. This campaign will help get conversations started but we should remember to keep having these conversations all year round.

Even though most of us don’t like talking about money – by doing so, we really could improve our financial wellbeing. When we talk about financial wellbeing, we refer to how people feel about the control they have over their financial future – and their relationship with money. That includes their ability to respond to financial unpredictability and unexpected expenses.

People with healthy financial wellbeing can meet their long-term financial goals and make informed choices that allow them to enjoy a meaningful life – both now and in retirement.

From the 8 November we’ll be talking about:

  • Money secrets – most of us keep money related problems hidden from our loved ones. But you might find, that by sharing your money secrets, there are many people in the same situation as you. We’ll be sharing some of our own money secrets and top tips for managing your money – join in with our conversation.


  • Getting the basics right – learn about budgeting and how to build positive financial habits or read popular books for building a money mindset. Once you’ve got a better understanding of managing your personal finances, you might decide to share what you’ve learned with others.


  • Future self – find out how to visualise where you would like to be in the future and how to start working towards that vision. This is an important step to improve your financial wellbeing. Keep an eye out on our social channels to learn more.


  • Pensions – understand the pension basics and how to start saving for your retirement now. We all tend to put off thinking too far into future as there is a lot to unpick – priorities change, we need to think about how much money we need for retirement and how long we might live for – but the sooner we start saving, the better.

MaPS have also provided helpful guides on how to start conversations about money with your partner, children, friends or parents and grandparents.

By having these conversations, you may feel more confident with managing your savings, and it might bring some peace of mind especially during these challenging times. If it’s not safe to talk, there is support available if you’re suffering from financial abuse.

Make sure to look out for our social media posts to find all the content you need – and you can also join in the conversation by using #TalkMoney.

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