Name changes for two Scottish Equitable Sarasin funds

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We will be making name changes to two Scottish Equitable Sarasin funds. These changes will be effective from 28 November 2016.

What’s changing

From 28 November 2016, the following name changes will be made to two Sarasin funds in our pension fund range:

The Scottish Equitable Sarasin EquiSar Global Thematic will change to the Scottish Equitable Sarasin Thematic Global Equity.

The Scottish Equitable Sarasin EquiSar IIID will change to the Scottish Equitable Sarasin Global Equity Real Return.

Nothing else will change, the fund aims and objectives, fund manager, charges and Aegon risk ratings remain the same.

Why are the fund names changing?

Sarasin, the underlying manager of both funds, has decided to change the fund names to give a more accurate representation of how each fund invests.

How will this affect investors?

We’ve written to existing investors in the funds and their advisers to let them know about the name change. Investors will start to notice the name change on their annual statement, in our literature and on our website from 28 November 2016. The change will be implemented gradually across our material, so you may notice both the old and new names in use for a time.

What investors need to do

Existing investors don’t need to do anything. The fund manager, additional disclosable charges and Aegon risk rating will remain the same.

If you would like more information, please speak to your financial adviser. You can find one in your area at