Multi-asset funds most popular choice with advisers

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We are always keen to understand how advisers manage investment portfolios, so I was particularly interested to see the results of our latest adviser survey. Two aspects strike me:

  1. Multi-asset funds are the most used investment strategy with advisers.
  2. Their use is prevalent among clients with less than £100K and very limited among high net worth investors.

Our survey finds that, in aggregate, 29% of client assets are invested in multi-asset funds, significantly higher than all other investment models.*

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Digging below the headlines, advisers segment their book using multi-asset/multi-manager funds for their mass affluent clients and creating bespoke portfolios for wealthier investors.  For clients with under £50K, 52% of advisers use multi-asset / multi-manager funds. This percentage falls to 7% for high net worth clients with more than £250K where the most popular strategy is individually designed portfolios (39%)**.

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We see a few simple factors driving adviser demand for multi-asset funds:-

  • They offer a cost-effective route to meeting mainstream client needs.
  • The majority of multi-asset funds operate within tightly controlled mandates, limiting downside risk, which is more important for most advisers than out-performance.
  • Advisers increasingly experience elevated governance responsibilities for managing in-house portfolios, coupled with the admin burden required to gain client consent for investment changes.
  • Multi-asset funds manage away such burdens and release more time for client service.

Aegon and Cofunds are seeing rising use of multi-asset funds, a trend which is likely to strengthen during 2017-18.


Further information

*Opinion Research, Adviser Confidence Index, based on a sample of 252 IFAs. June 2017. Response to question ‘Approximately, what proportion of the assets you invest are placed in the following types of investment strategy?’

**Retail Wealth Study – 2016-2017. NMG Consulting. Published July 2017 and based on a sample of 312 advisers. Fieldwork conducted between 19th October and 2nd November 2016.