Investment options

Your pension contributions are invested, and how much you’ll have to retire on will depend on how much you and your employer pay in, and how well the investments you choose perform.

If you’ve been automatically enrolled or opt into your scheme, your contributions will be automatically invested in the default fund chosen by your employer. For the easyJet scheme this is the Universal Lifestyle Collection.

About the Universal Lifestyle Collection

This fund uses a two-stage investment process called lifestyling. In the early years (the growth stage) it invests in a mix of different types of investments, with the aim of growing your savings over the long term.

Then, six years before you plan to retire (the lifestyle stage), it progressively starts preparing your savings for when you retire, aiming to give you more certainty about the level of annuity you’ll be able to buy, and to cater for your maximum tax-free cash entitlement (currently 25% of your pension pot).

There is no additional investment charge for investing in this fund. The fund’s strategy may change from time to time if Aegon thinks it’s in the best interests of investors. Find our more on the fund’s factsheet

Moving on from the default fund

The scheme’s default fund has been chosen to match the needs of the average scheme member, but it may not be right for you. You can choose a different fund if you want to. Find out more about choosing an investment.

Choosing your own investment means you can select a fund that matches you savings needs and attitude to risk.

Pre-built solutions

Choosing needn’t be difficult. Aegon’s pre-built solutions are designed to make saving easy by offering a whole investment strategy conveniently packaged in a single fund. Browse our pre-built solutions.

Choose from a wider range

If you’re a more confident investor, you may prefer to choose your own funds, in which case there are over 300 options available. See our full fund list. Please note, there may be additional charges for some funds on top of the scheme AMC. Charges are shown on our literature and include a standard 1% AMC. You pay a different AMC of 0.37%. Please bear this in mind when looking at charges information.

How can I change my investments?

You can change your investment (known as ‘switching’) at any time, free of charge, after you’ve paid your first contribution.

You can do this:

You should regularly review your retirement savings, particularly if your circumstances change. Make sure you know what fund(s) you're invested in and keep an eye on how these are performing.

You can see details of your fund on its factsheet.

If you want to move to a different fund you can do so at any time. See Choosing an investment to see what your options are and how to change your investment choice.

You can change your investment choice (known as ‘switching’) at anytime, free of charge, after you’ve paid your first contribution. Take a look at our fund list to find out what your choices are.

There’s no guarantee that fund objectives will be met. The value of an investment may go down as well as up and investors may get back less than originally invested.

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