Starting out

Auto-enrolment was introduced by the government to encourage workers to save more for their future. As an employer, you’ll need to automatically enrol workers who meet certain conditions into a workplace pension scheme if they’re not already in one and make contributions too.  Other workers also have the right to join, or opt in to the pension scheme if they want.

You can find out more about your responsibilities as an employer on the Pensions Regulator website(Opens new window).

Making things simple

Auto-enrolment can put a strain on your resources, so we’re committed to making this as easy as possible for you.

Our solution, SmartEnrol, does the hard work for you - enrolling all your eligible employees efficiently.

The following video is about SmartEnrol from Aegon and has a transcript (see below).

Watch our video to find out what you'll need to do and how we can help.

Employees can access modern default funds from our Workplace Target(Opens new window) range. Or, they can pick from straightforward fund solutions or build their own portfolio from over 4,000 investments.

What's more, our specialist support team will be on hand to help you throughout your staging journey.

A workplace pension with Aegon isn’t just somewhere to hold your and your employees’ contributions. It’s more than that.

It’s peace of mind that our workplace pension schemes have been carefully designed to meet the Department for Work and Pensions’ criteria.

It’s an easier life, allowing you to spend more time on your day job. We use technology to drive faster, easy-to-use online solutions to manage your scheme.

It’s a great employee benefit, vital for attracting and retaining staff, making sure your business can be at its best. We engage your employees from the start, giving them control and a plan for life. They’ll see the value you’re adding and you’ll get comfort that you’re investing in their future. 

To find out more about workplace pensions with Aegon, have a look at our employer pages.

As an employer, we know you want an auto-enrolment solution that’s cost and time efficient. But also one that you can rely on to perform your legislative duties accurately.

SmartEnrol is an intelligent online service which automates your tasks. It will work out which of your employees are affected by the legislation and when you need to take action. This means you stay in control of all the key decisions and we deliver the administration in a simple and straightforward way.

Have a look at our demo(Opens new window).

We pride ourselves on the speed of communication delivery, accurate compliance monitoring and the ability to securely manage employees who are enrolled automatically, whatever outcome they choose.

SmartEnrol will:

  • categorise your employees in line with the new legislation – eligible, non-eligible and entitled;
  • manages your mandatory communication requirements;
  • manage the opt out/opt in/joining process;
  • verify the payments for each worker based on their category;
  • provide ongoing monitoring of all employees for any changes to their auto-enrolment status; and
  • support your cyclical automatic re-enrolment duties.

And because not every scheme fits the mould, this easy-to-use system can help deal with auto-enrolment for even complicated payroll structures.

We make it easy for your employees to find funds that align to their savings needs.

Our Workplace Target(Opens new window)(Opens new window)(Opens new window)(Opens new window) range of default options means employees who don't choose their own investments can access good value savings strategies. And our handy workplace funds tool(Opens new window)(Opens new window)(Opens new window)(Opens new window) helps you work out which one best meets the needs of your workforce.

What's more, those who do want to choose can pick from our straightforward one-fund solutions, or build exactly the portfolio they want from over 4,000 investments.

Investments can go down as well as up and your employees may get back less than they originally invested.


We know auto-enrolment can put a strain on your resources, and we're committed to making this as easy as possible for you. So, planning your journey is key.

Your auto-enrolment planning should start at least 12 months before your staging date. Our guide Getting ready for auto-enrolment(Opens new window) will give you an idea of the tasks you need to manage, when these need to happen, and how we'll support you.

Before your staging date, we'll configure SmartEnrol with your scheme details to make sure the correct data is processed in line with your scheme rules.