Pension Awareness is back – and we’re aiming for the event to be bigger than ever. It’s been a decade of difference, as 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the campaign, and this year’s events will run from 11 to 15 September.

The brainchild of Pension Geeks (champions of all that is retirement), Pension Awareness sets up a week of online live shows for workplaces and the public to break down the most jargon-juiced topics and confusing questions into bite-sized chunks.

Your employees could get to know their pensions better than ever and prepare for the future they want – all in a simple way.

We’re sure no further persuasion is needed but just in case, here are 5 reasons why you should encourage your employees to get involved with the Pension Awareness live event this year.

1.  Pension Awareness is the ideal opportunity for your employees to get engaged with your workplace pension scheme

Pension Awareness 2023 will host an entire week of live online expert shows about pensions and money. We’ll be covering everything from combining pots, the State Pension, withdrawing your money, tax and budgeting – you name it, we’ve got it. There are fewer engaging ways for your employees to look after their financial future than with focused 45-minute sessions, chatting to other savers, and getting to grips with their retirement like never before. By attending the live events, your employees will learn to engage specifically with your workplace pension. The actions we encourage participants to complete after attending the event include updating beneficiary forms, checking in with their online accounts, finding forgotten pots and learning more.

By encouraging your members to attend Pension Awareness, you’ll be showing that you hold their best interests in mind and take proactive engagement and communication steps.

2. Panels of experts can add authority to your pension communication 

Pension Awareness is armed to the teeth with pension experts. Last year, ex-pensions minister Sir Steve Webb took over a 45-minute-long session about the State Pension, taking questions from the audience. By joining our live shows, your employees can ask their own questions to industry specialists. Whether it’s losing track of an old pot or wanting to know the different ways they can withdraw their pension, they can access expert guidance through the online chat function in every live show. What could be more helpful than getting free, expert guidance – presented in the most jargon-free way possible?

Your employees can even book 1-to-1 sessions with MoneyHelper, a free, government-backed guidance service – and one of Pension Awareness’ partners.

3. Free access to a library of knowledge

There’s more to Pension Awareness than online shows. Take the hub of useful articles, for instance. It covers topics ranging from climate-conscious investing, to a guide on how much pension you may need. Or, if that doesn’t cut it, there’s the library of videos supplied by the campaign’s supporters. The Pension Awareness website is full of resources, information, and explanations to help your employees’ top up their pension knowledge.

4. Workplace pension engagement could boost employee retention

Offering a strong workplace pension is a crucial benefit to employees. By actively encouraging them to get engaged with their financial futures, you could increase your chances of retaining staff thanks to your conscientious, people-first approach.

A people-first approach starts with Pension Awareness’ simplicity and accessibility.

For years, complicated jargon has been like the person no-one invited to the party but came along anyway. At our live shows there’s less ‘uncrystallised funds pension lump sum’ and more stripped-down, uncomplicated lingo. Pension Awareness pride themselves on being as accessible as possible so that there’s no obstacle when your employees begin thinking about their retirement.

5. It’s been 10 years of Pension Awareness, but the campaign is as vital as ever

Since it began, Pension Awareness has grown and grown, with each year seeing an increase in the amount of people tuning in – and even winning a few awards along the way. From humble beginnings and double-decker bus tours – it turns 10 this year. This important milestone shows just how important the campaign remains.

The campaign isn't about encouraging your employees to increase contributions, it's about increasing awareness and knowledge – and helping them to understand their future savings. This year, we’re aiming to reach more people than ever before – so make sure that you and your employees don’t miss out on a trove of retirement goodness.

Take a look at the Pension Awareness promotional toolkit to promote the event within your workplace and browse the Pension Awareness website for more details. The live shows will be available to view and book onto via the website from early August.

The event runs from 11 to 15 September, with plenty for you and your employees to get stuck into.


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