You don’t need to be a pensions expert to make the most of your hard-earned money.

See how you can take your first step, or the next step, and Pay Your Pension Some Attention.

Pay your pension some attention
Step 1 - Look back to yesterday

Do you know where all your pension savings are?

You may have more than one from across your working life. There are billions of pounds out there in lost pension money... could some of that old money be part of your future?


National Pension Tracing Day is on 29 October 2023.

Step 2 - Lean in to what you've got today

Do you know how much you have today?

Remind yourself by checking letters and statements, emails, or access your pension account online. Here, you can make sure your contact details and expression of wish are up to date, which can give you peace of mind. And you can see how much your money could grow.

See how to use online services to manage your savings in our Workplace retirement savings toolkit.


Activating your online account, if you haven’t already, only takes a few minutes and could be the most rewarding step you take.

Step 3 - Move forward to your future

What are your dreams for the future?

Do you know what income you might need in retirement? It may seem a long way off, but by taking some simple steps to start planning today, you can look forward to your future with confidence.

We have a range of support material including core documents, guides, videos, and online content to help you manage and understand your retirement savings in our Workplace retirement savings toolkit.

Pension Awareness Week 2023

Pension Geeks are celebrating the tenth anniversary of helping you to understand your future savings with Pension Awareness Week (PAW). They're dedicated to helping you in a fun and lively way, so make sure you take this opportunity to get in control of your money. While the live shows have taken place, you still have a chance to watch them on catch-up.

Pay Your Pension Some Attention and you’ll be able to relax knowing your savings are in order. Its not about paying more money in, Its about understanding what you’ve got, where it is and how to keep track of it. 

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