The Court process we’re following

As part of the transfer process, we’re required to get approval from The High Court of Justice of England and Wales in London (the Court).

The Court will need to be satisfied that the process for the approval of the proposed transfer meets all the necessary legal requirements and that the proposals are not likely to have a material adverse effect on customers. The Court will only approve the proposed transfer if it’s appropriate to do so.

Anyone who considers they may be adversely affected is entitled to object to the Court.

When and where is the Court hearing

We expect the final Court hearing to be held on 14 June 2024 at the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, 7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL.

What to do if you want to object

If you have concerns about the proposed transfer and believe you may be adversely affected, you have the right to raise an objection, which will be presented to the Court. The Court will consider all objections made when reaching its decision.

If you wish to raise an objection, please make sure you include your policy number and ideally get this to us before 31 May 2024.

You can also present your objection to the Court in person at the hearing on 14 June 2024. You're entitled to raise any objection at the Court proceedings in person, or you can ask a suitably qualified legal representative.

Sharing your objection with us in advance

It would be helpful if you could please outline your objection or concern in writing to us so that we can share this with the Court, Royal London, the Independent Expert and the regulators before the hearing.

By informing us in advance, we’ll also be able to let you know about any changes that may take place in relation to the hearing, for example a change in the time or date.

We may also be able to deal directly with any objection or concern you may have. You don’t have to share details with us, but it would be helpful if you did.

You can raise an objection in the following ways


Call our dedicated freephone helpline on 0800 032 7587.

If you live outside the UK please call +44 (0) 3456 00 14 02. Calls to this number will be charged at your usual international rate.


Email us at

If you contact us by email, it’s important to know that our email system and the way we deal with data internally is secure. However, we’re unable to ensure the security of emails before they reach us so please consider this and do not include any personally sensitive, financial or banking information that has not been appropriately secured.


By writing to us and sending your letter to:

Aegon Protection
SR43 4DJ

Directly to Court

Directly to Court to present your objection at the hearing.

You can also present your objection to the Court in person at the hearing on 14 June 2024. You’re entitled to raise any objections at the Court proceedings in person, or you can ask a representative to do this for you.