Introducing the Aegon Risk-Managed Portfolios

For intermediaries only

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Risk-Managed Portfolios – the first Aegon OEICs to be made available to Aegon Retirement Choices and Aegon Platform advisers and their clients. The range, which comprises of six multi-asset portfolios is available to pension, ISA and GIA investors, meaning that investors can hold the same investment strategy in their pension and savings accounts.

With a low ongoing charges figure (OCF) fixed at 0.25% a year, and low transaction costs¹, the range is designed to meet the needs of clients looking for a simple and value-focused means to grow their savings over the long-term. Each of the portfolios is managed to a different risk and return profile to reflect different investor needs.

We have more than 35 years’ experience managing client-focused, multi-asset portfolios. And, as at July 2020, we manage over £19.7 billion in multi-asset funds for over 1.1 million customers. However, the launch represents a new chapter for Aegon’s investment capabilities. Having launched our first OEICs range for Nationwide Building Society in 2019 – a range which has already attracted over £500 million in assets – we’re now making OEIC funds available via our own products.  

The Risk-Managed Portfolios are managed by Richard Whitehall, Head of Portfolio Management at Aegon who, alongside his team, works with Morningstar², award winning investment specialists, to determine the optimal asset allocation for each portfolio. The portfolios use low-cost passive components, which are predominantly provided by BlackRock.³

The portfolios also come with risk-management and governance built in, and are designed to make it easy for financial advisers to meet regulatory requirements such as MIFID II and PROD. To help support advisers fund selection processes, the range is mapped to risk ratings from Defaqto, Dynamic Planner, FinaMetrica and Synaptic.

We believe the portfolios make a valuable addition to the wide range of investment options advisers and their clients have access to on our platforms.


There’s no guarantee fund objectives will be met. The value of investments may go down as well as up and investors may get back less than they invest. Link Fund Solutions Limited (LF) is the authorised corporate director of the LF Aegon Risk-Managed Funds. This means they’re responsible for the operation of the funds in accordance with the regulations.


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¹Transaction cost estimated at 0.02% per year as at July 2020. Transaction costs can vary. A platform fee will also apply.

²Morningstar refers to the Morningstar Investment Management group which includes Morningstar Investment Management Europe Limited, an FCA regulated firm, which is the entity providing the advice.

³Asset allocation input provider and underlying fund managers can change.