Retiready in action

Retiready launched in 2014 and since then we've helped thousands of customers get ready for retirement

Our easy to use interactive tools help you find out how much you’ll need for retirement. It can also give you a clearer path should your circumstances change at any stage – as it did for one of our customers. One of our existing customers received letters from Aegon explaining about Retiready and how their current plan was automatically upgraded to digital.

By entering her current retirement savings amount of £5,000, planned retirement age and expected income during retirement; this allowed the customer to find out her Retiready score and see how on track she was for her retirement.

“I thought it was brilliant straight away. Easy to understand and manage my money.” However, due to a divorce, the customer received a six figure pension settlement. The customer called Aegon for an explanation of the process of consolidation and particular words she didn’t understand. 

As the customer was already an active Retiready customer, she was able to consolidate her plan with ease. “I’ve also found the ‘Lifestyle planner’ useful in working out exactly how much I’ll need in the future. This will help me understand what I need to save now to get the pension I'm hoping for when I retire”

A consolidation will be happening in the next few weeks and this customer will now be able to manage her pension in one place.

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