Changes to the Scottish Equitable Sequel fund range

On 20 May 2015, the target volatility ranges of the five Sequel* risk target funds changed. If you click on the links below, you’ll see we’ve updated our fund descriptions to reflect this change.

Sequel funds Old risk range (%) New risk range (%)
Scottish Equitable Sequel Defensive 2.6-7.8 2.5-5.0
Scottish Equitable Sequel Cautious 5.2-10.4 5.0-9.0
Scottish Equitable Sequel Balanced 10.4-13.0 9.0-12.0
Scottish Equitable Sequel Growth 13.0-18.2 12.0-16.0
Scottish Equitable Sequel Adventurous 18.2-20.8 16.0-20.0

Why has this change been made?

Following a review of its market assumptions, Sequel has recommended a refinement of the risk target for each fund. While the portfolios won’t change significantly as a result of the new risk bands, the new tighter ranges will mean that the funds have clearer targets and can continue to provide a balance between returns and risk that suits investors’ risk profiles.

What current investors need to do?

Current investors don't need to do anything. No other changes have been made to the Sequel range of funds; the way the funds are managed, the risk ratings and charges remain the same.

*Sequel Investments Limited is a professional investment advisory firm, which provides the asset allocation model and oversight for the Sequel and Sequel Journey funds. Sequel Investments Limited is owned by Foster Denovo Group plc, the parent company of Foster Denovo Limited