Aegon Henderson UK Property (AOR) fund closed to redemptions

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On Wednesday 6 July 2016, Henderson Global Investors suspended trading in the Henderson UK Property fund, the underlying fund of the Aegon Henderson UK Property (AOR) fund available via Aegon One Retirement (AOR).

As a result, at 9:00am on Thursday 7 July, we suspended trading in the Aegon Henderson UK Property (AOR) fund.

The underlying Henderson UK Property fund is currently experiencing a higher number of sellers than buyers.

This is due partly to higher levels of uncertainty in the UK commercial property market since the outcome of the European Union referendum.

Henderson believes the best way to protect investors remaining in the fund is to temporarily suspend trading. This will allow the fund manager time to raise cash levels within the fund in a controlled manner by selling properties at reasonable values.

This affects all payments in and out of the Aegon Henderson UK Property (AOR) fund.

Any redemptions (payments out) from the fund will not be fulfilled until the underlying fund manager resumes trading. 

Regular payments into the fund will be redirected to an individual’s cash account facility and not invested directly into the fund.

Investors on AOR can still gain access to any payments redirected to their cash facility as a result of this deferment.

Single payments or transfers in cannot be made whilst the fund is in deferment.

We can’t give any guarantees on how long the trading suspension will last. We are in close contact with Henderson, the underlying fund manager, and they are monitoring the fund on a daily basis.

If you’re uncertain about how this affects your investments, please speak to your financial adviser in the first instance. If you don’t have a financial adviser you can find one in your area at unbiased(Opens new window).

You can also contact us, but please remember we won't be able to give you any financial advice.