Pension freedoms two years on

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What are people really thinking?

Pension freedoms introduced a new era of flexibility and engagement with savers. but as people contemplate how they achieve a lifetime of financial security, what do they consider the most important things to help them?

Here's what our customer research* highlighted.

88% feel it’s important or very important to have flexibility to access their money in retirement

83% want flexibility to change their plans in retirement

89% 9 out of 10 feel it’s important or very important to know how much money they’ll have in retirement

80% 4 out of 5 respondents feel it’s important to have some form of guaranteed income which can never run out, regardless of how long they live

84% want to have both income security and flexibility in their retirement

70% want investment choices in retirement planning and into retirement

58% want to pass on pension wealth to loved ones

65% want their spouse to enjoy a guaranteed income in retirement after they’ve died

* Aegon. Base: 739 customer and non-customer responses - May 2017