Secure Retirement Income

For financial advisers only

Our drawdown with guarantee solution is Secure Retirement Income(Opens new window)(Opens new window) and is for your clients who want the peace of mind of knowing know how much income they have in retirement and still have the flexibility to access their savings should they need to. 

It’s for those clients who are over 45, approaching or in retirement and guaranteed income payments can start from age 55. If your client invests before age 55, they’ll benefit from our guaranteed pre-income increase at each Secure Retirement Income review date until they start taking income.

Secure Retirement Income in summary

It guarantees an income for life – much like an annuity provides - giving your clients peace of mind. But more flexible:

The income is guaranteed but the value of an investment can fall as well as rise and your client get back less than they originally invested. Switching out will affect the guarantee(s).

Any guarantees are based on the ability of the issuing insurance company – in this cases, Scottish Equitable plc – to pay them. If, for example, that company no longer existed, then the guarantees it provides would be affected.

Key support

Retirement income

Use this calculator to help your clients understand how much income they may need in retirement and compare some of the options available to them.

Retirement income calculator page on Retiready
Retirement income calculator (Opens in new window)

Your retirement planner – Get prepared

Use our retirement planner to work out how much retirement income your clients will potentially need. Compare current savings with what they expect to spend.

Retirement income planner page on Retiready
Retirement planner (Opens in new window)
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