Services for members

For intermediaries only

Retiready in the workplace is our innovative digital service for members; encouraging engagement by putting the ability to plan and prepare for the future in their hands.

Members have access to:

  • a simple online workplace pension; 
  • an account for all retirement savings, during working life and into retirement;
  • our digital service to check they’re on track for retirement;
  • flexible investment choices to meet individual needs, and
  • appointing a personal adviser to their online account.

Members have access to our score tool, which can help them work out how prepared they are for retirement by answering a few simple questions. Retiready in the workplace also provides education and personalised coaching to help members make informed choices and take real control of their financial future.

Members can get a complete picture of their retirement savings in a way that's fresh, visual and incredibly easy to understand. And we're always there to provide support and to answer any questions from joining through to retirement.