For financial advisers only

Our online functionality gives you instant management information (MI) and oversight of schemes, it lets employers manage their scheme efficiently and gives employees online access so they can fully engage with, and manage, their savings.

Access to scheme functionality

It's easy for you to keep track of all of the schemes you've set up. As soon as you log-in you'll instantly be able to view scheme names, total values and number of members. Then, by selecting a specific scheme you can:

  • upload data and print pre-sales illustrations for prospective employees, and
  • access online and downloadable member documentation.

Furthermore, through Report Zone you'll be able to access a range of reports, allowing you to develop an in-depth understanding of each scheme. You'll be able to view:

  • financial information;
  • membership details;
  • contribution details, and
  • investment details.

If it suits you and your client, you can also be someone's personal adviser and use the online features such as research and fund comparison tools.

Our online functionality and tools allow employers to manage their scheme efficiently, cutting down on administration and saving time.

  • Online set-up - the workplace pension scheme can be set up using a secure online process.
  • Online joining – after scheme set up, employers simply add in the members who want to join.
  • Administration - employers will be able to make payroll contributions online to the SIPP and/or ISA and can also make bulk updates to scheme and employee information.
  • Report Zone - employers will have access to ‘Report Zone’ – a comprehensive and extensive Management Information (MI) reporting tool.

As soon as an employee is added to Retiready they can;

  • view and transact online;
  • view up-to-date valuations, and
  • self-serve (including opening new wrappers, paying in more, transferring assets from elsewhere).

Employees are given access to a select amount of product wrappers and investments. This initial gate or level of access is pre-set by their employer. The employee has the option to talk to their employer and have new gates opened, giving them access to a wider range of wrappers and underlying investments and control over their portfolio.


Helping employees understand the assets available to them, and plan for the future, Retiready gives access to a range of online tools. These include:

  • Score - employees can check if they're on track to the kind of retirement they'd like by answering just a few questions.
  • Goal Planner - after finding out their 'Score', employees can then set some goals, creating a plan to make sure their retirement savings are on track.
  • Coach - guides, prompts and informs employees in their retirement journey.
  • Lifestyle Planner - employees can select the things they think they'll need to pay for during retirement. And we'll work out the cost in the future by adding inflation.


To make life easier, employees can record off-platform assets on Retiready which will be aggregated and displayed along with their online assets, giving them a consolidated view of their savings.