Retiready in the workplace

For financial advisers only

Getting the UK ready for retirement

We’ve made it our mission to get the UK ready for retirement. We’ve created a workplace solution that puts people first and embraces technology. Our platform Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) and our Retiready digital experience provides the right tools and materials to help you meet your clients' needs.

It's self-serve but still allows employees to seek advice and support from a financial adviser.

It’s been designed to help employers manage their workplace pension and stay on track with government regulatory changes - like auto-enrolment. It also provides simple online processes and ease of administration.

Making things easier for you

Design and tailor workplace pension schemes to meet your clients’ needs online, meaning you’ll spend less time on paperwork and more time creating new business opportunities.

Retiready in the Workplace has been integrated with Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC), our adviser platform, so you can easily provide personal advice to employees on their total investments, with flexible adviser charging options.

You can also provide workplace pension scheme level advice to employers, and engage with employees to offer them personal financial planning advice.

Why Aegon for workplace?

Retiready in the workplace is our free, online retirement planning service that helps employees get the most out of their workplace retirement savings. Schemes are built on our ARC platform.

Key benefits:

  • online services that let employers and advisers manage schemes in one place;
  • a comprehensive fund range that includes default options and wide investment choice;
  • management information to help with governance and assessing value, and
  • tools that support employers with auto-enrolment and regulatory requirements, such as SmartEnrol, our auto-enrolment hub.