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Welcome to our first issue

Our first issue of Protection matters is aimed at keeping you up to date with the latest protection news. We wanted an easy way to let you know about our ideas to help you sell more, as well as how we're working to make doing business with us easier and faster. If you want further information about any of these articles, please speak to your usual sales representative.

Faster new business with our online service

Since we launched our new online service in April, we’ve been getting your clients cover in place quicker, with a 20% increase in applications being accepted at point of sale. This also means our underwriters are handling 250 fewer applications each week - allowing them to focus on your more complex cases.

And we’ve just enhanced our online service by adding our suite of family income benefits – giving you cost effective options that may suit your clients’ needs.

Our income protection sale has now ended.

Sale rates applied to illustrations provided bwtween 3 September and 28 October 2018.

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